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We live in Northeastern Ohio. We started raising rabbits because we were looking for pets for our children. Our oldest daughter was 8 when we got our first rabbits. For us, they have been the perfect choice for pets. We raise rabbits that we like. All of us have our favorite breeds, and that makes for a big variety of rabbits. We spend as much time with them as possible, and we strive to make them all as gentle and sweet as we can. I know that most serious rabbit breeders have purebred and registered rabbits, but those rabbits are usually for show. I am constantly researching and learning more about breeds in my spare time, and maybe in the future, we will do the same. Right now, the rabbits are about fun and helping our girls to learn to love and respect their pets.

We have 4 different breeds of rabbits presently. We raise Dutch, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, and American Fuzzy Lops.

We chose these breeds because they seem to have the disposition that we would want for a pet. The Dutch and Lops are very calm and very easy to handle. Mini Rex are sweet, but I find them to be a little jumpier and a little harder to handle. Most of our rabbits come right to us when we approach the hutches and are ready for some attention.


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