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Babies, babies, babies
We have lots of action going on in the nursery right now. We are expecting our last 2 litters for the summer in one week. We currently have 6 mixed bunnies that are 8 weeks old and looking for a good home. They are from Hannah and Snoopy. I think there are 4 does and 2 bucks left.

Lily's 8 blue dutch babies are 3 weeks old and very spunky. There are 3 that are marked nice in that litter and also some very "unique" ones as well. Most of them will be available in a few weeks.

Hannah had her last litter for the summer this morning. She had 9, but we lost one shortly after it was born. It's so hard to tell, but it looks like they may be mostly opals and light castors. I will be keeping a few does, but there will still be some left if anyone is interested. Both sire and dam are very gentle and calm rabbits. Hannah is on the big side, but Sidney is small. Hopefully, it all evened out in the kits.

Our first litter of Fuzzies are due soon out of Cassidy and Bailey. I'm very anxious for this to happen! I am expecting some very nice kits.

That is all the new baby news for now. Check back soon!!

Did you know..?
Did you know that rabbits like to play with toys? Toys are an important part of a rabbit's care. They make toys for rabbits that you can buy at pet supply stores, but there are plenty of homeade toys you can give them. Cardboard tubes, paper bags, pinecones and untreated wood are just a few.

This mini rex is 8 hours old.